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For the first time in his solo career, Mike Tramp has released a single, sung in his native Danish language.

The Song "Min By" gives retrospective view about the neighborhood in which Mike grew up.

Listen/ Download "Min By" Here

"Min By" (My Town) is the first song that anyone will hear from the new, all Danish (lyrical) album by Mike Tramp, titled, "For Første Gang" (For The First Time). 

In many ways the lyrics of "Min By" are similar to the subject of "Cobblestone Street", but this is the four hour Directors Cut.

The song covers everything in great details, about growing up in the streets of Vesterbro Copenhagen in the '60s & '70s, no holds barred. 

Tramp added: "One final word, this album is not a Danish language version of my other 12 solo albums. It is something very different, it is its own master, not to be compared to anything I’ve ever done before".

Watch the video for "Min By" here:

Mike Tramp Releases new single  "You Only Get To Do It Once" exclusively on

"You Only Get To Do It Once"  will be out on January 7th, 2022.
Mike Tramp, the infamous rock singer-author that has been on an incredible solo journey ever since he stopped being the singer of White Lion and Freak Of Nature, is back with another single. And to say it’s an honest, stripped-down rock song with all elements that make Tramp such a recognized and loved artist, is an understatement. An autobiographic reflection with a disarming chord progression and a melody that will haunt you for days.

“It seems that all I do these days, is look in the review mirror to see where I’ve been and what I’ve done”, Tramp concurs. “When time almost stand still, compared to how it used to move too fast. I now look for things that made me happy and the reason why they did. Being a totally nostalgia freak and one who doesn’t want to let go of the good times and the real times, when the world I lived in was a nice place. It now becomes even more important, that whatever you do, you better do it full out, cause you “Only Get To Do It Once”. With that being said, I am happy and satisfied that I gave it all I had, spent my money when I could and it mattered and lived my life the way it should be. These days I write songs about it, but it’s not the same as when I lived it”.

"You Only Get To Do It Once" was created exclusively for and is already available there. “For the next few weeks. I will be introducing and presenting to you Trampthology a safe place where we together can share my music and other things I do, without having unwanted intruders or unwelcome guests”, Mike says. “Time has come for me to have my own place, and one of the first things and an exclusive to Trampthology members. This brand new song and video is only the beginning, as I will feel much more up to sharing my music with you who cares about it. Stay tuned and hang in there”.

Claus Langeskov: bass
Rene Shades: acoustic guitar
Mike Tramp: all the rest

We are sad to announce that The Dead Daisies and Mike Tramp had to postpone their European tour.

Press release by The Dead Daisies:

"We know you are going to be really disappointed to receive this news and it really pains us to have to announce that, in light of the worsening state of play with Covid 19 and escalating travel, border and venue restrictions, it has become impossible for the bands “Holy Ground” February/March Tour to go ahead. Therefore, sadly we will have to postpone the Tour to October/November of 2022". 

Rock Meets Classic tour postponed to 2023.

Mike Tramp would have shared the stage  this year with Joey Tempest (Europe), Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Ronnie Romero (Rainbow / Vandenberg), Maggie Reilly (Mike Oldfield) and a surprise act.

However due to the ongoing pandemic Rock Meets Classic is postponed to 2023.
2021 ticket will remain valid for 2023.

More details: Click here
Following the recent single release, Mike Tramp will also release a new Best Of Album on May 21 with the same title as the single 'Everything Is Alright''

Following in the footsteps of artists like Bob Dylan, The Beatles and Tom PettyMike Tramp deeply cares about the message of his songs and allowing his true voice to be heard.

As an acoustic folk rock troubadour Mike is unafraid to tackle the difficult subjects in life including loss, betrayal, death, family difficulties and responsibilities and relationship problems.

Recognising the importance of the human condition and, that he has, himself, learned more through suffering that joy, Mike creates albums and songs that explore human emotions and life situations.
He seeks to make sense of man’s existence with old fashioned values refusing to be seduced or suffocated by superficial considerations.

With the recent troubles caused by the Pandemic which has affected so many on a global scale, causing humans to look both at the world and at themselves with a critical eye and to appreciate the real things that matter.
No time more like the present has been more suited to appreciate Mike’s work which has always questioned the world and personal existence and sought to make the world a better place.

This said, the new, 10 song Best Of album 'Everything Is Alright' is an emotional rollercoaster of great rock songs with fantastic lyrics.

1. Give It All You Got
2. Trust In Yourself
3. If I Live Tomorrow
4. Cobblestone Street
5. Coming Home
6. Everything Is Alright
7. Dead End Ride
8. Take Me Away
9. The Road
10. More To Life Than This

Pre-order here:

Mike Tramp has released his brand new single "Everything Is Alright", an honest song, written directly from the heart. He also announced he will take part in the competition to find the Danish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

"Everything Is Alright" will battle seven other songs in Denmark's national final "Dansk Melodi Grand Prix" on March 6, with the winner going forward to represent Denmark in the Eurovision finals, due to be held in Rotterdam this May


Having won the Danish song contest in 1978 with MABEL and represented Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest later that same year, Mike Tramp will return just over four decades later on the same stage and in the context that kick-started his career with his message for Denmark and all countries of Europe in these dark times. 

After all the years and a lifetime of experience, it feels right to be back.

"In 2021, I can be 100% true to myself and not have to put on any mask - I am who I am," Mike says. "All eight songs are there to win, but the moment you deliver and sing a song without compromising on yourself, only in that moment can you leave the stage as a winner — no matter what the jury thinks."

Songs and lyrics continue to pour out of Mike under lockdown and the release of this brand new previously unreleased track continues the tradition of two decades of heartfelt and personal work which also reaches out and connects on a human level with others. 

These troubled times have caused everyone to look both at the world and inwards to assess where we have come to and who we are.

"As far back as I remember, my focus have always been to be the best me, and not a bad copy of someone else," Mike says. "With each song I write, each album I record and the many shows I play. I come closer and closer to that goal, and today I feel I can honestly say, I have arrived. 'Everything Is Alright' confirms that in every way."

Watch Here:

Mike Tramp Best Of Album Trampthology, 20 songs, including 4 new

Released: Dec. 18, 2020

This is what Mike Tramp had to say about Trampthology:

Half way through 2020, when it became obvious that it would be a horrible year none of us would ever forget, and many would not make it through.

I had to get myself out of the dark celler and into the light, sink my teeth into what it is I am. Go through my musical scrapbook and find faith and hope in all the memories each song brings me.

It kicked started a whole lot and I opened up my studio again and started writing. Now 25 years after I wrote my first song for my first solo album Capricorn.

I have chosen 16 of the most important songs from my 11 solo albums, but also 4 brand new tracks written specially for this double album, presented in a bad ass package.

Enjoy, Tramp.

Order here:


Mike Tramp was scheduled to Support The Dead Daisies on Their 2022 European Tour in February/March.

Sadly this tour has been postponed towards October/November 2022.

Dates and venues will follow.

Mike Tramp is also still scheduled to perform at the 2022 Rock Meets Classic tour across Germany




Mike Tramp (born: Michael Trempenau January 14, 1961) grew up in Vesterbro - Denmark. 

Still in his youth Mike Tramp loved to play soccer and discovered Hardrock.
Mike Tramp joined the band Mabel with whom he later represented Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1978 with the song Boom Boom

Mabel continued in Spain where the band was very popular as a rockband. They even played as the support act for Van Halen
Mike Tramp packed his bags and went to New York in 1983 With mabel but the band slowly fell apart.
Vocalist Mike Tramp met guitar player Vito Bratta (ex-Dreamer) and they decided to form a band. They recruited drummer Nicki Capozzi and bassist Felix Robinson (formerly of Angel) and named their band White Lion.

White Lion was signed by Elektra Records in 1984 and records their debut album Fight to Survive. However, Elektra was unhappy with the final recording, and after refusing to release the album they terminated the contract. 

Soon after that there is some bad news. Both Capozzi and Robinson decide to leave White Lion .
But sometimes bad news is in fact good news because soon the new band members are being presented: Nicki Capozzi was replaced by former Anthrax drummer Greg D Angelo, and Felix Robinson was replaced by bassist Dave Spitz (brother of Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz). 
Within a month of joining, however there again is news about the band members, Dave Spitz left to play bass with Black Sabbath and was replaced by James Lomenzo.
The steady band lineup has finally be found. White Lion is born.

White Lion records Fight to Survive all over with the new band members . After that the news came that the band is picked up by RCA for a release in Japan in 1984. The small US independent label Grand Slamm records finally releases Fight To Survive in the US on November 9, 1985. White Lion released one single from this album: Broken Heart.

Early in 1987 there is even better news.
White Lion signs with Atlantic Records (which ironically is a sister label to Elektra) which on June 21, 1987, releases their breakthrough album Pride .

All songs on this album were written by Mike Tramp and Vito Bratta.

The first single, Wait was released on June 1, 1987, but did not hit the charts for nearly seven months. 

The Pride tour started in July 1987 as White Lion opened for Ace Frehley's 80s band Frehley's Comet. The next year and a half was filled with being constantly on tour, White Lion was opening for bands like Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Stryper, KISS and in January 1988 White Lion hits the opening slot for AC/DC on their Blow Up Your Video American tour. While being on tour with AC/DC, the Pride album and Wait single finally hits the charts, due in no small part to MTV airing the "Wait" music video in regular rotation - nearly seven months after the single's release. "Wait" hits #8 on the singles chart, while Pride hits #11 on the album charts. Pride would remain on the top 200 Billboard album charts for a full year.

In August 1988, White Lion releases the second hit single from the album entitled Tell Me, which hits at #58. Around the time this single was released, White Lion plays at the Ritz club in New York City. Like Guns N' Roses , Great White and a few others before them, the White Lion show at the Ritz was filmed and later aired on MTV. 

The Pride album third single, a gentle acoustic ballad titled When the Children Cry , becomes the biggest of all White Lion hits at #3. with heavy MTV rotation, making Pride one of about 20 hard rock albums to ever have multiple top 10 hits and to this day the most successful White Lion album.

The success of When the Children Cry would eventually push sales of Pride over the two million mark. In addition, guitarist Vito Bratta was recognized for his talents as a guitar player by racking up Best New Guitarist awards with both Guitar World magazine and Guitar For The Practicing Musician magazine and Mike Tramp was recognized in having one of the most unique voices in hardrock.





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